BYOD Frequently Asked Questions

Is there anything I should do before bringing my computer to school?

Yes. We recommend you create a restore disk if directions are provided by your computer’s manufacturer upon purchase. This will back up the computer so you can restore it to “factory settings” if anything goes wrong in the future. You must also install anti-virus software if you purchase a laptop.

Should I get theft insurance for my child’s technology device?

Yes, we recommend it. Very few laptops have been stolen at school over the past 16 years, but we do encourage parents to obtain theft insurance; theft of personal technology devices is not covered by district insurance.

Should I get an extended service plan for my child’s technology device?

Yes, we recommend it.  Accidents happen, computers crash, and viruses can cause havoc.  Please consider adding a service plan when you purchase your child’s technology device, since your child will need a functional technology device at school each day.

Can my child use the same laptop that was used by an older sibling in previous years?

Yes, if it meets the minimum requirements.

Do we need to enroll in the Bring Your Own Device program every year?

Yes, for scheduling purposes we need a yearly commitment.

Are there rules and policies my child and I should know about?

Yes, students must comply with the District Acceptable Use Policy (AUP) as outlined in the NMPS Student Code of Conduct and the BYOD Policy.

What if I need more information or have questions?

 If you have questions that are not answered by reviewing this website, please contact:

Paul Henderson
Technology Coordinator
(231) 719-4242