Transition Services

Every 16 year old student receiving special education services is provided Transition Services according to IDEA 2004.

What are Transition Services?

Transition from high school to adulthood is often frightening and uncertain. Young people and their families are faced with many options and decisions about the future. For students with disabilities, the options may be more complex and confusing, but with EARLY, THOUGHTFUL AND THOROUGH planning between the student, family, teachers, and agencies, students are better equipped to meet the challenges of adulthood.

Transition Components

The concept of Transition has three major components:

  1. Coach every student, along with his or her family, to think about goals for life after high school and develop strategies to reach those goals.
  2. Design the high school experience to ensure that the student gains the skills and competencies needed to achieve his or her desired post-school goals.
  3. Identify and link students and families to any needed post-school services, supports, or programs before the student exits the school system.

IDEA 2004 - Transition Defined