NMPS Parking Information

In an effort to assist in minimizing congestion, we are also suggesting families strongly consider the following locations for drop-off and pick-up as opposed to dropping off students directly at the school itself:

  • Community United Methodist Church Parking Lots (Thank you CUMC for your continued support!)  This site can be used as a “Drop & Go” and/or a spot to park and walk your child to the school.
  • Mills Ave as well as Moulton Ave may be used for Elementary drop-off and pick-up.
  • Corner of Vanderwerp and Mills (“Drop & Go”) - especially for MS/HS students
  • Corner of Vanderwerp and Moulton (“Drop & Go”) - especially for MS/HS students
  • Also, to assist with congestion, please do not attempt to drop off MS/HS students prior to 8:00am (start time for the elementary)
  • Parking lot off of Stewart, next to playground/basketball court

School Parking 2023