HS Scheduling

Scheduling for courses in high school is done electronically through the student management system, Powerschool.  Parents and students are notified of open registration days/times through the Norse News.  Scheduling is supervised through our Director of Student Affairs, Mr. Belmonte.  Schedule changes have a time frame in which students must adhere.  These days/times are posted in the daily announcements as well as the Norse News.  Counselors can answer any questions students/parents may have regarding scheduling.  EDP (4 year plans) are not electronically connected to the scheduler software, thus the EDP should be edited each time a student changes their schedule.  The edit of the EDP is a student responsibility, although counselors do model this task each spring.

Testing Out

Testing out of a course is allowed by state law.  There are NMPS specific time frames for requesting test out.  See the NMPS policy for testing out as well as the form to request test out.

PDF DocumentTesting Out Form

Auditing a Course

Auditing a course is allowed for upperclassmen in elective classes only.  This option has consequences for juniors as the transcript may be interpreted by college admissions representatives negatively. See the form below for requesting taking a course for credit only.

Reduced Schedule

There may be a case in high school where a student is not able to go to class full-time.  Below is a form for request of a reduced schedule.  Please note other entities are affected by this choice, including but not limited to MHSAA, SSI, etc..

PDF DocumentRequest Reduced Schedule Form