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Annual Testing at North Muskegon Middle-High School

Michigan Math Prize Competition Test

This test is an activity of the Michigan section of the Mathematical Association of America.  Strong math students in HS are encouraged to participate. Registration is $4 and sign ups are in the guidance office; deadline is mid-September. Part 1 test date is early October at NMHS.  For more information, go to Michigan Mathematics Prize Competition.


This fall, our state assessments are being given in two modes:  paper and computerized.  See your instructor to see if you are slated to test in the online pilot.
Information regarding state assessments
Dates: Tuesday, October 8 - Wednesday October 23


Wednesday, October 16 during hours 1-4 in the FLEX.  PSAT is a test from College Board. Sign ups are required; sheet is in the guidance office. Students in grades 9-11 are eligible to test.  Advantages include: 

  • get ready for the SAT
  • enter National Merit Scholarship Corporation competitions for recognition and scholarships (juniors only)
  • access personalized college and career planning resources in My College QuickStart
  • request information from colleges and universities
  • assess your critical reading, math reasoning and writing skills
  • get specific suggestions how to improve your academic skills


Tuesday, March 4 during hours 1-4 in the FLEX juniors are required to take the ACT.  This state is a college admissions approved sitting,  Wednesday, March 5 during hours 1-3 juniors are required to take the Work Keys testing in the FLEX.  Finally on Thursday, March 6 juniors finish MME testing by taking the Michigan math, science and social studies tests.


Starting Monday, May 5 through Thursday, May 15 students may test in room 100.  Registration is required before spring break.  Click on AP testing link for more information.  Contact Mrs. Gallo with any questions.


Students AP test at NM for a variety of reasons. The two most recognized reasons include CREDIT and COLLEGE SUCCESS. Entering college with AP credits gives you time to move into upper-level courses in your field of interest, pursue a double major, or study/travel abroad. See the AP CENTRAL link below to find out more about how colleges view AP as college credit. Research consistently shows that students who are successful in AP typically experience greater academic success in college than similar students who do not participate in AP. College admissions recognize and sometimes give additional "points" for students who take AP courses and test. NMHS AP coordinator is Mrs. Gallo. Registering to test must be completed with payment before spring break. Cost is $92, some fee reductions may apply. See the AP BULLETIN below to find out more about the advantages of AP testing. *There is no requirement to take an AP course to test before testing.

Week 1  AM Testing 8 AM  Room TBA

  • Monday, May 2 - AP Environmental Science 
  • Monday, May 2 - AP Chemistry 
  • Tuesday, May 3 - AP Spanish Language 
  • Friday, May 6 - AP US History 

Week 2 AM Testing 8 AM  Room TBA

  • Wednesday, May 14 - AP English Language

Week 2  PM Testing 12:00 PM  Room TBA

  • Monday, May 5 - AP Psychology

​Week 2 PM Testing 12:00 PM  Room TBA

  • Tuesday, May 10 - AP French Language




NMHS is a host site for the ACT in December and June. We encourage each HS student to test annually. Students must register online directly through ACT. Click on the button to the left for more information.