Career Tech Center (CTC)


Each course is a block-format taken at the Career Tech Center or “affiliate sites”. Students may utilize school transportation if taking a course in the afternoon. PM courses run from 11:45 a.m. to 2:15 p.m. Students should be mature enough to manage being a student within two different campuses for ½ of the school day. These courses are only for juniors and seniors. Credit articulation is available for CTC courses; see individual courses for course articulation alignments at
Muskegon Area CTC

Classes with Academic Credit

The document below outlines courses that count for one English Language Arts, 3rd year Science, 4th year Math Related credit or Visual Arts credit to be applied to the Michigan Merit Curriculum HIGH SCHOOL requirements for graduation. This applies only to students who complete one year of the requirements in the specified Muskegon Area Career Tech Center programs. For more specific information about the requirements, please contact Annlyn McKenzie, English Consultant (767-3616) or Brooke Segaar, Math Consultant (767-3617). Students interested in earning HS academic credit while attending the CTC must contact their high school counselor before they enroll.

PDF DocumentMACTC Classes with Academic Credit
PDF DocumentMACTC Registration

Eligibilty and Requirements

  • Upperclassmen must be "on track" to graduate within four years to attend CTC.
  •  NMPS is limited to the number of students we can send in each program.
  • Procedures to equitably distribute these seats are annually reviewed.  
  • Counselors can work with individual students to see if they meet the eligibility requirements to apply to attend.  
  • Deadline to submit interest for the following fall is April 1.  
  • Students may request to visit the CTC prior to applying.  

Student Visitation Policies and Procedures

The Muskegon Area Career Tech Center will always welcome and encourage students from the local districts to partner with us in furthering their education, as well as exploring their options of Career and Technical Education through visiting our facilities during and after school hours. During school hours, there is a process the Career Tech Center follows in order to ensure the safety and well being, along with allowing our visiting students to receive the best impression of our classes the Career Tech Center has to offer. The process is as follows:

  • Counselor from district notifies CTC Student Services Specialist of potential student visit
  • Student Services Specialist gets permission from CTC Teacher and date and time for guest student to visit
  • Student Services Specialist checks with local district to confirm chosen date and time is a mutual agreement
  • Student Services Specialist obtains signature of approval from the CTC Teacher and also signs the CTC Student Visitation Form. The form is then faxed to the local district for additional signatures on the form to be completed.
  • Visiting student brings the completed CTC Student Visitation Form with him/her on their day of visitation.