The NM Fine Arts Boosters SCRIP program is gearing up for another great school year at NM!  This simple fundraiser can be a huge benefit to our school and your family.

SCRIP is another name for gift cards we purchase from many local and national retailers.  We purchase the cards at a discount, then split the discount evenly with you. The cards retain their face value, and our SCRIP volunteers track your earnings in a family account.  Those earnings can be used for any school expense (we will write the check for your), or you can request a personal check up to twice a year and use the money for anything you want.  What a great way to help pay for 6th grade camp, pay-to-pay fees, college books, Norse Gear, etc.!

The money adds up fast!  If you purchase a $100 Wesco gift card, you will earn $2 into your family account.  While that might not seem like much, if you spend $300 a moth on gas at Wesco, you will earn $72 each year - on something you would have bought anyway!  If you begin purchasing consistently through SCRIP for your groceries, gas, clothing, and meals out, you will be surprised at how fast your earnings accumulate.

SCRIP may be pre-ordered/prepaid online at using PrestoPay, a secure payment system similar to PayPal that debits directly from your bank account or credit card.  You will need our enrollment code to create an account on the RaiseRight website.  Our enrollment code is:  DFFL29537198.  Email Mrs. Budd at for more information.  Orders need to be placed by 5 p.m. on Fridays to be included in the next order.  Once the order is received (1-2 weeks) you will be contacted by Mrs. Budd to schedule a pick-up of your SCRIP.

Thank you for supporting North Muskegon Fine Arts Boosters!