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HS/MS Announcements

  • 1:1 Update - HS Chromebooks
    This year HS Students will be issued HP 14" Chromebooks. Parents & Students should be aware that each Chromebook and power cord was inventoried and labeled for each individual student. Please help us by making sure your student's device is their device and the Chromebook, power cord and labels stay intact. Parents can also help by being aware of and holding their student(s) accountable for the student expectations in the Student Handbook linked below. Should parents have any concerns about their student bringing home a Chromebook or the appropriate use of the device, please contact Mr. Henderson at the High School. All devices are filtered to comply with CIPA. 
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  • Device Insurance 

    We would like parents to help us reinforce the concepts of proper care of personal property including school-issued computers with students. The importance of taking care of school property to minimize theft, damage, and loss cannot be overstated.
    We recommend that parents purchase insurance coverage for their student's Chromebook. Please keep in mind that insurance covers accidental damage or theft.  If a student is careless in the use of the Chromebook or misplaces the Chromebook, insurance of this type may not cover the loss. The power cord is also not covered under this plan.

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